Naughty schoolgirls, Jia Lissa and her girlfriend vith strapon (REDACTED!!)

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the chemistry between these two women is off the charts!!

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I see schoolgirl outfits. I fap

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LolitasStar LolitasStar:

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badasswolf badasswolf:

she really can feel something with that dick or is just faking?

porkchop1023 porkchop1023:

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PassionDessire PassionDessire:

I like it

DaintyParakeet DaintyParakeet:

Maria is better with a dildo than most guys are with a real cock!

Burnmycosmos Burnmycosmos:

I like how they stayed clothed, and the fake cum was actually quite a turn on

His slave His slave:

Good stuff.

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For_the_Comments For_the_Comments:

We have answered the age old question: Cum is stored in the strap-on.

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Oh my lord this is soooooooo fucking hot

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Why u guys just don't let a guy fuck both of u better then a plastic shit

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DontShowMeYourDick DontShowMeYourDick:

Soo.. Young M.A be doing this?

DontShowMeYourDick DontShowMeYourDick:

Does anyone know when OffSet gets released?

Conito89 Conito89:

I have so many questions about that dildo

Randomguy69148 Randomguy69148:

I was wondering all the way through this video what the fake cum was and what it tastes like... Hmmm

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Maria Pie fucks like a guy really good.... check out 13:00–14:00!

get-it-hot get-it-hot:

In the 8th minute, Jia’s asshole looks SOOO good..... was really hoping that Maria would reach down and give it a good tongue-lashing...darn!

minecrafter3621 minecrafter3621:


NikeKit NikeKit:


Eleyxxx Eleyxxx:

Fuck everything when didlo cum more than a penis.

Thehappybunny Thehappybunny:

This video suppose to be for anime lovers XD !

immanutsoon immanutsoon:

The fuck? Redacted? Is this fucking SCP porn? Am i on that part of the internet?

mariebicurious mariebicurious:

I want to be fuck like that

puppetxmasterx puppetxmasterx:

I would watch a whole series of this. That was hot

simply83 simply83:

Where did you find this dildo? Cuz it looks amazing, would love to use it

benasty49male benasty49male:

I want one of those dildos.

LuciusFaust LuciusFaust:

What She Got by Kodama BoyI always hear it when I look at that video !

Daddymemelord666 Daddymemelord666:

Bella thorne looks so hot in this video

Soxfan14 Soxfan14:


get-it-hot get-it-hot:

Indeed, fucking awesome

69soggydoggy69 69soggydoggy69:

pee is stored in the balls and sperm is stored in the bladder

ConnectionIntl ConnectionIntl:

Fuck oath

itsDonaIdTrump itsDonaIdTrump:

Ew I just accidentally ate my own cum

Bisexualgal7 Bisexualgal7:

Man that red head is so hot. The whole damn thing was hot as hell. Ooh wee

Jeezargo Jeezargo:

Mr poopy butthole is that you?

Kooly275 Kooly275:

At first i thought that was a real dick and i felt gay but then i realized it was a dildo

gonetomrrow gonetomrrow:

Que delícia de foda! Parece eu gozando um monte no final

Rxras Rxras:

I'd bride kidnap either of these beauties

Camrn Camrn:

how the fuck do you know it's going to cum?

Nayamashii Nayamashii:

You squeeze a particular part of the dildo to make it shoot out the liquid inside, it obviously is not intuitive and does not “know” when to cum in sequence with the user.

unknown unknown:

Soo hot

bkel426 bkel426:

Holy Christ, that was hot. The redhead on the bottom was creaming like crazy when the other girl put the dildo to her. WOW!

MaximalliunMus MaximalliunMus:

Oh yeah yeah....

AwkwardlyAttracted AwkwardlyAttracted:

Dildos unlimited stamina, now they can cum?!?!?!BURN THEM! BURN THEM ALL!

Jeezargo Jeezargo:

Well they can't cum as fast as me

minx699 minx699:

Ugh so hotThis makes me cum so hardMy bed is soaking

45456565 45456565:

all good, fucking awesomeuntil it cums...

Cherrylolii Cherrylolii:

Real question: does anyone know where you can buy this toy?

Nayamashii Nayamashii:

As I told another user, they made it! They cut off the back of this dildo And (glued?) it to this squirting dildo Note the color difference in the video and the line where the two meet, an ingenious (albeit expensive) toy.

teenboydicksucker teenboydicksucker:

I wish I was too

iAlice iAlice:

Straplessdildo has beautiful models. But keeps using 2 of the same for ages. Come on, where are the others at?

shaun449 shaun449:

i cannot stop cuming and rubing my pussy

Joker152 Joker152:

i didnt know dilldo could cum either wow learn somthing new everyday

nikosgarr nikosgarr:

Any girls wanna trade nudes? HMU on snap (nikosgarr69)

Kerri_cd Kerri_cd:

hmm so this is hot!

askmemorning askmemorning:

Need it

elowynayria elowynayria:

omg this was so fucking hot 3

AlexLehkonen AlexLehkonen:

so dildos cum.....okay then

Aleigha James Aleigha James:

damn that made me wet as fuck! if youre ever in colorado lets party! snap me at aleighajames420

swagtastic666 swagtastic666:

i thought that was the undyne music from undertale in the intro

cum2quick cum2quick:

I'm still looking at how easily she took it all in her cunt!!!

blondeBich81 blondeBich81:

I seriously need to get one of those

unknown unknown:

how a dildo cum?

ExhilaratingExpert ExhilaratingExpert:

Jesus They're pale.

get-it-hot get-it-hot:

So pale, sooo beautiful....

MilaGrace MilaGrace:

NIce video!)

Rosabellebaby Rosabellebaby:

Omgggg made me cum so hard

LkFlower LkFlower:

Only one woman is cool.

sexyguy1211 sexyguy1211:

Red haired girl is so perfect!!!!!!!

ShitCrown ShitCrown:

This is weird yet so sexy

shred66 shred66:

Fucking beatiful

phenol13 phenol13:

It's art. So beautiful.

ichbindeinemudda1 ichbindeinemudda1:

Anyone know the names?

sirfappington324 sirfappington324:

who is the redhead?

George1919 George1919:

I cum like never before. They are so beauty

TachankaR6S TachankaR6S:

That was pretty nice

furmangrrl furmangrrl:

I need one of those.

SeducingPorn SeducingPorn:

TheBlindingWhite TheBlindingWhite:

Holy Shit both of them are so cute love it

zizozue zizozue:

wanna play with them!

CigB0ck CigB0ck:


Ivana_D Ivana_D:

I like ur video)) Hot kissss

addict_me_hentai addict_me_hentai:

Thanks for the video! Great work!

bigwhiteirishman bigwhiteirishman:

What is her girlfriends name

cselebi cselebi:

... and also called as Maria Pie

cselebi cselebi:

I guess her name is Patritcy aka Merry Pie.

HornyHardCock1990 HornyHardCock1990:

Mmm fuck yeah that was hot, my cock is rock hard now.

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