Mia Khalifa - The Greatest Student

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Hit or miss. I guess they never miss huh?

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You play with them balls like it’s FIFA

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Im_here_to_jerk Im_here_to_jerk:

So guys iv´e been diagnosed with ligma and doctors said that ill live for like 4 more months, i jus´t want to thank to all the people that made my existence so far happy and will keep me like this to the end of the road, mia khalifa for shore made me happy, il save a place up there for you

tempemail412 tempemail412:

whats ligma?

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I already died but theres internet connection up here...

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mia khalifa for super smash brothers

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Mia Khalifa Blows Away The CUMpetition!

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Mia Khalifa cums forward!

EtikaNewsNetwork EtikaNewsNetwork:

Dawg she’s 5’2 and this nigga is shorter than her.

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wagon_g wagon_g:

When she likes you for your personality

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KE3891 KE3891:

Lesson: Even the SHORTEST of us can wear the TALLEST of them down!

Scarson841 Scarson841:

She's got on major fucking high heels. He's still a shrimp nonetheless

cloutox cloutox:

Damn etika, didn't expect to see you here.

ItsJustAle ItsJustAle:

high heels?

YaBoiKaiserWilhelm YaBoiKaiserWilhelm:

False advertising. She never demonstrates how great of a student she is. When will the porn industry stop lying to us?

SignMyTeets SignMyTeets:

When Japan stops censoring porn

ggmemelord ggmemelord:

is mia not done with porn now then? or is this an old video just reuploaded

Nikitablondee Nikitablondee:

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KeylaSanchez KeylaSanchez:

BigBatou BigBatou:

She only did porn for about 3 months a few years ago. All videos of her are old. She left the industry quite quickly, using it as an experience and because she started receiving a lot of death threats and hate from her homeland. She's moved onto Social Media these days. She's actually quite nice, as I've met her a few times in Austin, where she lives.

boobsforthisguy boobsforthisguy:

Old video

ilikebanna ilikebanna:

Wtf how is he fucking shorter

SexierYoda SexierYoda:


VijoPlaysOnYoutube VijoPlaysOnYoutube:

It doesn't seem to load for me (other videos do though and switching the browser doesn't help either).

Lord_Satan Lord_Satan:

Works fine for me

cloutox cloutox:

Did they just censor vidëos? Pussy ass website

vythan vythan:

Same. Yesterday it was ok but i didn't finish this vidéo

cmmanning cmmanning:

For me too

8520123 8520123:


ThePizzaManSPN ThePizzaManSPN:

I was hoping the teacher would come in and join them

CamillaSweetheart CamillaSweetheart:

She's so awesome.. I really love Mia's body!

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sickboy1954 sickboy1954:

Yes, it is sexy! Your body is nice too! I like your tits and the way you sound when you are getting fucked.

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Looking for this shit for weeks cheers JD

Ash-Ela_Main6969 Ash-Ela_Main6969:

fuck you i wanted that account name

baggedmilk9000 baggedmilk9000:

I wanted to see how good of a student she was

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i would do almost anything to eat Mia's asshole

LuckyFuxker LuckyFuxker:

When she sucked that dick. It sounded like squidward walking

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thank GOD I’m not the only one who thought that

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We miss u Mia

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She has best and most beautiful boobs for a pornstar. I just want to press and suck those heavenly balloons.

g4greed g4greed:

His voice pisses me off

Nathan_2018 Nathan_2018:

¿Que no era la famosa mexicana que había ganado un concurso de matemáticas? :c

boi154 boi154:

Y ese perrito caliente?

Eduarias Eduarias:

No. Ella ni siquiera habla español.

brawer111 brawer111:

Mia Khalifa - THE GREATEST PORNSTAR. She is legendary!

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wwyd if you saw her at walmart?

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try and hide my raging boner!

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osterwan osterwan:

Que verga? Que ella no es la estudiante que tanto presumian por Facebook?

Eduarias Eduarias:

No, ella no es de mexico, no habla español y es arabe. :/

jimmy0431 jimmy0431:

im starting to think this is not youube

HereForTheGore HereForTheGore:

i guess they never miss, huh?

icameforthcomments icameforthcomments:

She looks like the kind of girl that'd do well in the porn industry

Yoyoyo1yeet Yoyoyo1yeet:

Oh wait

IAmSurplus IAmSurplus:

You play with them balls like it's Fifa.

GeorgeCostanza916 GeorgeCostanza916:

Everyones talking about how short this guy is but can we talk about how weak his stroke game is for a pornstar

Billows Billows:

Mia, I am learning how to spell your last name. It's taken me this long, but I'm getting it. To tell you the truth, I've watched a lot of porn with my girlfriend Karyn,over the years. We have taken an eXXXceptional liking to you. YOU ARE TRULY A SUPER STAR. Thanks so much for sharing your vids. LuvYa

knightrider2k43 knightrider2k43:

That dude is fucking short.

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Ian from smosh lookin ass

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I seen this a few months ago then could not find it but it's one of her best compared to other vids in my opinion


Truee but she tries I guess

alden8390 alden8390:


BootyEidolon BootyEidolon:

Mia Khalifa is HOT as fuck, but she's way overrated. Bitch didn't even do anal all cause of a couple dickheads not treating her right. Idiots.

Gonzalezr24 Gonzalezr24:

what a nice vid

joshcarvin joshcarvin:

Who's here after the West Ham revelation's???

Killmenowithurts Killmenowithurts:

For those who are wondering where Mia went, she now works for a gaming/comedy channel called rooster teeth check out there website, she Co hosts one of there shows called "Sports ball"


I haven't nutted this hard since I tore my first phonebook

HereToCommentOnly HereToCommentOnly:

My phone is only at 3% so I had to have a quick nut

ILovFortniteHentai ILovFortniteHentai:

Why dont I have classmates like thats smh

wagon_g wagon_g:

Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh

skityler skityler:

some people were born to make history, but she was born to delete history

Onecock2fuck Onecock2fuck:

she is a dream, love her

srhke srhke:

I was beating off to this while listening to the 8D audio version of 420 by Macintosh Plus and when I nutted "It's all in your head" was circling around me on repeat and I was like damn that's true

HitlerDoesHentai HitlerDoesHentai:

I think Mia is done with porn, Her rank is going down and no new vids have been uploaded on her channel.

personasoul13 personasoul13:

What a hottie!

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JhonnyDeepThroat04 JhonnyDeepThroat04:

Classic shit

almondmilkintheass almondmilkintheass:

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Bigmonstercock25 Bigmonstercock25:

She's amazing!

tony_hot tony_hot:

solo good esa cogida tan rica

substernal substernal:

can mia khalifa just stop? she been in 2nd place since before pokemon go.

FTP911 FTP911:

this is soo bad for the schoolgirl the fake profesor is a bad boy

AlienPenisDoctor AlienPenisDoctor:

Oh, so that's how you pass math.

Im2Sweet Im2Sweet:

How do they have time to fuck with such a great selection of books in plain sight? Despicable..

Onecock2fuck Onecock2fuck:

love to be in her class

Cumlord900000 Cumlord900000:

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I like position

lucianajones lucianajones:

How can Robert be with this cave woman

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PeteSchweddy PeteSchweddy:

Is there a Kardashian/Jenner porn parody yet and if so who does Mia play?

naeorty naeorty:

I need some!!!!!!!!

MasterCaptainPorn MasterCaptainPorn:

I think my dick is happy now. Return to gaming.

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good job

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AHHHH her cotton panties drive me crazy too! I am in love hahaha

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OMFG she is a BEAUUUUUTIFUL woman! Heavens to Gretzky those stockings are wonderful on that perfect brown skin! Would love to see her in pantyhose! Instant fan!

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AfuckinBird AfuckinBird:

Ten minutes in, well. . . Guess imma go back to YouTube

Tecboy56073 Tecboy56073:

God, she's amazing! I wish she'd come back!

secretservis1 secretservis1:

Very hot video! I like!

Killmenowithurts Killmenowithurts:

Made a pornbub account just to make that comment

Ultra_Pear Ultra_Pear:

Sucking dick will get you nowhere in life if you can't solve for x in a logarithmic equation. I can't watch this without worrying about this massive fatal flaw in her character. 0/10 ruined the nut

natethemetalfan natethemetalfan:

Jordi x mia anyone?

cornlock cornlock:

This man is too soft

Kaytie Little Kaytie Little:

nolan530 nolan530:

This proves there is a god

VarteX_0 VarteX_0:

Gucci glasses

tidddyz tidddyz:

Idk about any of you guys but at my school if a girl was to walk around with her shirt like that that'd be a sign-up.

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Sexmazter69 Sexmazter69:

Omg they did the sex

its_NNN its_NNN:

If u see this u probably failed NNN....Its ok Soldier next yearAnd if u got a free nut coupon those fake

Im_here_to_jerk Im_here_to_jerk:

@KathleenDRob4 no thot


Fun fact this is actually one of Mia best work she showed her talent in this vs her other videos and I notice they put this up and take it down and the views sky rocket back up when they repost it

AliciaInTheCloset AliciaInTheCloset:

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KhanNaik KhanNaik:

so hot and sexy and beautiful

Cuckboiii6 Cuckboiii6:

She said "I may not be good at math but I can succ dick good" wtf her haedass I'm failing smh

lvanFC lvanFC:

How can this fella be shorter than Mia Khalifa

Kaiju8263 Kaiju8263:

Greatest pair of tits on here

leechboi leechboi:

She's fine af

gasop12 gasop12:


stevenswinfen stevenswinfen:


KE3891 KE3891:

SURPRISE ENDING: He was NEVER going to rat on her since she was a VERY HOT girl and he thought he just might have a shot at her if he's crafty enough, which he proved here. To this day, the girl still doesn't know.

DonaldJohnTrumpJr DonaldJohnTrumpJr:

This is very nice I ever got a boner, and the fake news media calls me a racist.

gagamboy97 gagamboy97:

x 6=23-(3-3x) help me pls

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Kami_SuuWop Kami_SuuWop:

Hands down best deep throater

iconsumebootyhole iconsumebootyhole:

that's grandma's knitting chair and they're fucking on it... shame


I was looking for nuns but she look good asf so I had to side track!! Her tits are BUSTIN OUT!! I pray I get to glaze them with this fresh

badkitty72 badkitty72:


pornslife pornslife:

Love You and Miss you so much

manthatwatchesporn manthatwatchesporn:

Well she doesn't seem like a very good student at all

KE3891 KE3891:

If Mia has taught us anything, it's that sex can be beautiful...especially when she's a BIG part of it!

sudipari7074 sudipari7074:

ow boobs

sudipari7074 sudipari7074:

ow boobs

nisse56 nisse56:

I Love Breast

Romeo2k18 Romeo2k18:

She is a real feminist. Why cannot all the feminists be like her?

joshuad87 joshuad87:

She be my dream of fucking her 1 time

mattmatt91 mattmatt91:

add me on twitter @LezdCS

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fonzov fonzov:

chinga tu madre más y menos comentarios muera rico el kalifato

XxDirtyboixX XxDirtyboixX:

Most of her videos on pH are the same, so thanks for uploading.Btw, Mia looks like a girl I knew from school. Bethany Cardoza.Bethany, if u EVER see this video, you know who it is. Gawd damn you were the hottest bustiest girl at our school. She looks almost exactly like Mia and is as busty.

KaztheMighty KaztheMighty:

This guy is such a freak. The faces he makes are ridiculously stupid.

Desiree_Pink Desiree_Pink:

I bet you’ll cum off this video !

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I do anything to screw mia

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Tits the size of her face holy fuk

Magicman0408 Magicman0408:

Nice cock!!!!!

pasabaporaca pasabaporaca:

no glasses no like

jhosgwkm jhosgwkm:

sdds da mia pra que foi se aposentar

sybasedriver sybasedriver:

Really good video

fuckoff707 fuckoff707:

What a great student, going to the library to study, wait...this is not what i expected on a christian website

bumengwobutui bumengwobutui:

I like it

koiqdoll koiqdoll:

Nice vidéo

sickboy1954 sickboy1954:

"I am not really good at math, but I can suck really good dick." Well that is all that matters! HA HA!

sickboy1954 sickboy1954:

What an amazing slut! I dont care how ragged out she is. This slut is so HOT!!!

joethefaggotweller joethefaggotweller:

when will professor come back?

jordanjohnstrange jordanjohnstrange:

Mia khalifa - Your name is enough for anyone to go vroom.

Deathdick345 Deathdick345:

Why is xvids censored

Patrickpauzudo Patrickpauzudo:


alden8390 alden8390:

12 hours agoI was hoping the teacher would come in and join them

toucansams toucansams:

Mia’s comeback video finna be epic

lady6661212 lady6661212:


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