Exid - Up & Down Super PMV

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Waiyke Waiyke:

Seen a few comments applauding me for this video. Just so everyone’sclear I’m not the original creator, just realised it had got taken down and therewasn’t an HD version anywhere. Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

hivesteel hivesteel:

thx for reuploading

pontif123 pontif123:

I have seen this on ph before. I do not think it is the uploaders own work.

kasqwerty kasqwerty:

Yes, the original one was taken down or something.

antithesis021 antithesis021:

Anyone know who is at 26s?

rubberbandman1477 rubberbandman1477:

Anyone know the girl at 6:20 ? With the pearls?

rubberbandman1477 rubberbandman1477:

Hey guys, it was Evelyn Lin.

Bungorrr Bungorrr:

Who is in the thumbnail?

Justtin184 Justtin184:

Lea Hart

delluu delluu:

Being at it sure looks fun

asejevu asejevu:

Good reupload

lipowka3 lipowka3:

every PMV is better on 1.5 speed

Ksexox Ksexox:

link of 01:26 plessss

Starialoader Starialoader:

Great PMV! Keep up the good work!

CptGonzo CptGonzo:

Thanks for the reupload

roninjay666 roninjay666:

who's the original creator of this pmv

ser1ka ser1ka:

What's the name of this song?!

Bl0e Bl0e:

Anyone know the name of the remixed song? Can't find it anywhere. :-/

asejevu asejevu:

It´s called Vamp - UP&Down . It´s from album Get some. I didn´t find it on YouTube, but it´s on Spotify and iTunes

aduwjeo aduwjeo:

throwback to when I put this video on the school's dropbox

Hamstersan Hamstersan:

Who is the girl at 10:06

j1061001 j1061001:

Who is in 1.48??

DrCock4 DrCock4:

who's the kind of goth girl at 2:31?

Waiyke Waiyke:

Lea Hart. The videos called Anal Young'uns 3

tubasub tubasub:

Anyone got the girls names?

jazzmastermax jazzmastermax:

Who’s the girl at 2:38?

Waiyke Waiyke:

Alina Li

DarkCr0w DarkCr0w:

Awesome compilation, great work... Who's the girl and video at 1.35?

CaptainAmerica341 CaptainAmerica341:

Marica hase

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