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TsunomonProduction TsunomonProduction:

Your editing is perfect. I personaly like part 2 more. The little things in part 1 make it great, just for example the japanese girl nodding hear head at 1:14 and right after that there's Alina Li on her knees. The only thing I would maybe change is 2:33 as the lyrics go: "...you don't need a man" instead of a footjob I would have used some lesbian scenes

Yacobson Yacobson:

At 15 seconds who's the girl with the cum on her tits?

fleya fleya:

Kirara Asuka

chunkyboyxxx chunkyboyxxx:

Holy chopsticks! This is a hands down one fine piece of PMV artistry. The two parts really complement each other. Can't imagine how long it took to find all the HD uncensored scenes. Bravo! The first part built up the anticipation quite nicely. Superb transition. Plus the comment about the pixeled clocks cracked me up. Nice touch. The second part was nastiness to the max. My favorite was when the music slowed and your editing matched it quite nicely showing the expressions on the girl's faces.

raskolh raskolh:

Amazing! Who's the girls between 1:05  -1:13, and at 1:35?

Realuniverse Realuniverse:

Hope he finds it.

Justtin184 Justtin184:

I can’t remember her name but she was on javjunkies. The video title was something about her being half Korean. If I find the vid I’ll get back to you. She just did that vid I think but it was pretty good

blitzspeed69 blitzspeed69:

1:31-1:33ish. anyone? please help

masturbator74 masturbator74:

Who’s the girl at 0:37-0:39?

Cherry_Lips Cherry_Lips:

Outstanding pmv! I am in the intro! *love*

baisemoi52 baisemoi52:

that was amazing! I waas wondering what the songs were?

K_Engel K_Engel:

Please who is the first one ? 0:10 


thx for @mickadamouse11 's efforts and finally I found her nameIt's sara saijio, not ruri saijio

mickadamouse11 mickadamouse11:

I searched for like 4 hours straight haha, found her but not her name - "MCSR-228"

skorpion0021 skorpion0021:

Nobody knows wtf

lurkingking lurkingking:

bro this is a fucking perfect pmv! can you please let me know the name of the girl who flashes wearing the red plaid shirt at :43, and the name of the girl getting doggies on the couch right after at :48 and :53? I've scoured the internet with no success! this pmv has me trying to hard to find most of the girls in this video!! you're work is amazing bro!

userwhofindsname userwhofindsname:

1PONDO 112214-927 Drama Collection Mikuni Maisaki

theboss032 theboss032:

I wanna know too!!!

hate4hacks hate4hacks:

Same bro. 48 looks exactly like my best friend

baisemoi52 baisemoi52:

Also who's the girl at 00:11? The one with the bunny outfit and the gun tattoo on her hip.

rura637 rura637:

I'm surprised. That is Alina Li.

Drzam Drzam:

pls 1:28 

fleya fleya:

girl on left:ruri saijoutitfuck:hitomi tanakaright:anri okitain the back:nana aoyama

drsmolov drsmolov:

The first half is amazing! One of my favourite PMVs ever! Great job, appreciate the time and effort this must have taken. Also, would you happen to know the girl who appears at 0:14 and 0:18?  P.S.Would you also mind sending me the sources of the clips you used, you know, for research purposes?

rura637 rura637:

Kirara Asuka. Probably one of the top actresses at the moment.

hustlerasianboy hustlerasianboy:

Who is girl in 0,58 sec?

DocSwede DocSwede:

Who's the japanese girl at 0:57?

PervDoge PervDoge:

Holy shit, nice job.Could you please list the girls in the video?

skorpion0021 skorpion0021:


PervDoge PervDoge:

Well, it's a start...Thanks.

LonelyInMars LonelyInMars:

Girl in 3:03?... Stunning girl

mickadamouse11 mickadamouse11:

I searched for like 4 hours straight haha, found her but not her name - "MCSR-228"

unknown unknown:

@Unknown  Atm, I don' t know !

antnguyen307 antnguyen307:

6:00 what's the video??

djfreakay3 djfreakay3:

yo @Unknown who dat 1s asian girl you see in the beginning??? lol

mickadamouse11 mickadamouse11:

I searched for like 4 hours straight haha, found her but not her name - "MCSR-228"

MadDawgg MadDawgg:

AMAZINGBtw does anyone kno who any of the four or five girls from :40-:55 are

rura637 rura637:

Anri Okita (retired), Hitomi. Someone from above named the other, Mikuni Maisaki.

ThisUsernameSux ThisUsernameSux:

Who's the girl at 00:25?

HentaiHerro HentaiHerro:

who is the girl at 1:22?

rura637 rura637:

Miko Lee.

demandd demandd:

What girl in 1:18 ?

mickadamouse11 mickadamouse11:

I searched for like 4 hours straight haha, found her but not her name - "MCSR-228"

7up4er 7up4er:

what name of second song? in part2

98420299 98420299:

 in part1?

7up4er 7up4er:

Guano Apes – Big in Japan

NexusParadox NexusParadox:

Who else is hyped for Battlefield 1?

skorpion0021 skorpion0021:

Anyone know first clip with the tanned Asian

Enmma_x Enmma_x:

Alina li

mickadamouse11 mickadamouse11:

I searched for like 4 hours straight haha, found her but not her name - "MCSR-228"

Zakk3n Zakk3n:

0:40 and 0:41 please?

atonement87 atonement87:

+1. Please anyone?

applemanion applemanion:

Asuka Kirara aka the girl from 0:15 aka the girl in the plane. Scene is from SNIS-576. Happy Fapping!

cuteypatootey cuteypatootey:

I just fired my "Kamehameha!"

gottaknowthatname gottaknowthatname:

1:26 pls I need those names or name of porn for some research

unknown unknown:

Genius, just genius. I like the 2  parts and the way you mage it. Begin soft to finish hard. I find it's always a good way ! Nice transition @4:55. For me, those little things make a big difference !

The-Fleshlighter The-Fleshlighter:

The work you must put in to these is incredible.Bravo sir, Bravo............

bigtitslover90 bigtitslover90:

I haven't watched a great deal of porn starring Asian pornstars...but damn am I going to now; excellent work my friend! It's very evident how much time you put into this; the editing is top notch (& as someone else mentioned, how you tied together scenes with the lyrics to the music is fucking perfect!). Loved how part 1 built up tension leading into part 2 (part 2 was intense!). And the cherry on top was the inclusion of both Hitomi Tanaka & London Keyes!Once again, well done & thank you!

palmhead palmhead:

HI, anyone knows who the pornstar is at 01.12 and 01:30?Thanks for the help! It would also help if anyone can tell me who is the person uploading this video so I can personally ask him

TechnoMasterBoy TechnoMasterBoy:

Anyone know the name of the girl between 3:16 and 3:19?

zyph zyph:

what is the second song?

Obohthegod Obohthegod:

Girl at 3:22 or video please?

Lolerhd Lolerhd:

wow, really nice work, you know name at 1:18? thx 4 this perfect pmv.

mickadamouse11 mickadamouse11:

I searched for like 4 hours straight haha, found her but not her name - "MCSR-228"

Lilywraith Lilywraith:

Best Asian PMV out there!

yhsalf yhsalf:

Whos the girl at 4:59? I MUST KNOW

unknown unknown:

@Unknown  The girl with the hat ? It's Morgan Lee in " Full Anal Service, scene 2 "

ShootMeDown ShootMeDown:

One more amazing pmv to my collection, man! Ladies are beautiful, editing is awesome! You know, I like hard intensive porn, bust that first part is really cool for me too, can't say it's soft! That moment that I paid attention is really weird today comparing to other guys here, at 3:59, when Nacho Vidal turns to camera with that face like "look at that bitch! she's gonna get some hard meat right now"! Details like that are awesome, that really shows pro pmv makers like you! Thanks a lot, friend!

chunkyboyxxx chunkyboyxxx:

What else can I say but another gem from the Gemcutter!

mk755 mk755:

You are a gentleman and a craftsman. Thank you!

Tuunee Tuunee:

Holy crap. This. Is. Amazing. Great songs, great pornstars, great everything!

noodleboy619 noodleboy619:

Who's the girl at 0:30?

BigRedFreedom BigRedFreedom:

whose the chick at 0452, 0522, and 0545?

unknown unknown:

You win the internet today if you can name the one girl at 0:10, 1:17, 3:03

guyintokyo guyintokyo:

Sara Saijo 西条沙羅

mickadamouse11 mickadamouse11:

I searched for like 4 hours straight haha, found her but not her name - "MCSR-228"

skorpion0021 skorpion0021:

Who is the first sexy Asian

unknown unknown:

That's what I'm trying to find out telescope. The only oerson who possibly knows is the guy who edited this video. And his channel on PornHub is gone probably due to copyright reasons even though his fantastic videos are still here.Someone please find her name.

AsianGirlsOn1y AsianGirlsOn1y:

Who was the girl in the schoolgirl outfit getting gangbanged? 1:10 3:47 - 3:55, 4:00 - 4:07She was also in the "make it pop" clip at 0:33I took a couple of screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/10yIv

rura637 rura637:

Uehara Ai.

Jhonaathan Jhonaathan:

At 43 seconds who's the girl ?

dk11587 dk11587:

Girl with the pink bunny ear outfit?

rura637 rura637:

Wow. That's Alina Li.

Refta19 Refta19:

0:14 say me who is she ? Or link on this porn. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

rura637 rura637:

Kirara Asuka.

sledge1234 sledge1234:

Where can I find the  full video from 4:00?

EnigmaticLife EnigmaticLife:

What is the name of the one with the fishnet on 2:02?

98420299 98420299:

This is great ! What song is the first paragraph?

hotbryan hotbryan:

0:18 can someone give me the video's link pls?

rura637 rura637:

Research Kirara Asuka. S1.

trianything3383 trianything3383:

Who is girl at 4:54 and 6:04

unknown unknown:

Kaylani Lei

zerom7 zerom7:


bimbosissybritney bimbosissybritney:

Part 2 is really great! I would love to see more vids like that!

MercWithAMouth90 MercWithAMouth90:

Love that you used all uncensored JAV clips (but one humorously). Well done.  Appropriate use of that Guano Apes track.

7thDimension 7thDimension:

It's awesome as usual. Great choice of girls, nice mix of asian american girls into it. Also, I'd like to know what is the secret to do what you did from 5:52 to 6:01 so well ? Any pointers to good editing tutorials for this particular thing or even other sites you visited to learn your skills ? (I use Premiere Pro).

7thDimension 7thDimension:

For some reason I can't see a button to reply to you instead of myself, but anyway thanks for your answer, it clarifies a lot of this technique

unknown unknown:

I have a thing for asian women, and even though I dont love pmv's, this one gets the b***d pumping! Part one is very nice. Thanks for limiting the terrible blurry jav scenes lol.

elcabronito elcabronito:

And I love the pixel comment

elcabronito elcabronito:

@Unknown that's their laws in Japan... For having spent some times in Japan, you need time to get many things there. But in japanese porn, what matters a lot is facial expression, the fact to let go your sensations and feellings. That goes a bit with japanese society where you never really say what you truly think or feel. There are pervy stuff in Japan because of all those things

beenod beenod:

Damn this so so so awesome . Too many Asian bombs . You did a great job . I'm impressed. & what's the name of first girl and of 0:44 ? 

rura637 rura637:

Mikuni Maisaki.

beenod beenod:

Thanks myan . Imma find her's name and let you know .

elcabronito elcabronito:

As usual there are very good parts (according to my taste) like the 1:50 sequence with catchy boogy boogy fitting well the music... However, I find that you have skipped many parts of the beat (but again you get bettr rating than I do, so, maybe that's more to agree with people's taste for longer sequence)... If I also may say, I find that your 2 songs are maybe too different to give the impression this is only one PMV...

elcabronito elcabronito:

@Unknown and I wasn't saying cutting all the time, but playing with the image, or some transitions... your parts with intense sex are perfect, some parts more softcore, to me, could fit better the music... Just my opinion. That's still a top notch PMV

elcabronito elcabronito:

@Unknown You're the boss of your edits

elcabronito elcabronito:

@Unknown Well, I'm not saying you should edit like I do, I just try being contructive

VictorEase224 VictorEase224:

luv "fucksluts"

random_sausagefest random_sausagefest:

Is anybody else trippin about the dude in a bunny mask slamming that bitches face into the sofa At 6:20?

dihafkarrak dihafkarrak:

who is she please?http://www4.0zz0.com/2018/08/02/06/424419272.png

TUITrung TUITrung:

0:43 pleeeeee

posboss3 posboss3:

1:28 please!!! Great video!

Madman7676 Madman7676:

Can someone please tell me who the girl at 0:58 riding the dick is? she comes again at 1:08 after the creampie.

Kraduu Kraduu:

Who's the girl at 5:20

dihafkarrak dihafkarrak:

who is the girl please?http://www7.0zz0.com/2018/02/14/05/346985322.png

Tallyn Tallyn:

Who is the girl at 6:19 and again at 6:23? Also if anyone knows the name of that movie? It's the really rough one where he is slamming her face into the couch over and over while he is fucking her doggy style and he is wearing a mask.

kawaisexy kawaisexy:

Would you like to see my videoCheck out my profile

Retr0Nan0 Retr0Nan0:

Who is 1:58-2:02

davkct davkct:

Who's the last girl?

4590457 4590457:

Girl at 0:41?

whattheduck whattheduck:

whose the girl with the cap, 4:58?

jerknedge jerknedge:

Morgan Lee

Zhowtek Zhowtek:

The Flight Atendee scene at 00:15?

OppaiNinja OppaiNinja:

who is at 1:31

taichu8888 taichu8888:

OMG who's the girl 00:14??

couldar couldar:

Where's the scene at 1:28 from (the massage one with 4 gals)

fleya fleya:


LazyZoomer LazyZoomer:

My cock is out of control

Josexx919 Josexx919:

I love ASIAN GIRLS!!!!!! Que VIVAN!!!!!!

drethewatcher drethewatcher:

Very well put together and a great selection of girls. "WHY THE FUCK ARE THOSE COCKS PIXELATED?!" LOL!!! The censored stuff doesn't bother me for the most part, but the fact this was uncensored was a clever touch!! Will appeal to a lot people I imagine. Great use of effects throughout, 2:22 goes really well with the music! 3:52 I love how the music kicks in as soon as she lands! I'm a sucker for that kind of shit. The whole sequence from 5:42 is super awesome! Oh and nice intro!

OhBabyA OhBabyA:

The first half gets you interested gets you to the top of the mountain, the second half makes you glad you got on in the first place.

LucidDreamPMV LucidDreamPMV:

I saw this a while back, and I just watched it again. At first I loved the first part, but hated the second part. Now that I've seen it again (and I STILL don't like watching porn THAT rough) I have to say I like the second part as well as, if not better than the first because the editing is a technical masterclass! It's funny how I only appreciate these things after having experienced making a couple of PMVs myself!

LucidDreamPMV LucidDreamPMV:

Can't wait! 12 minutes of Stoya is a huge job!

JoCoolkicks JoCoolkicks:

Omg soo good I had to download it. And what was that clip with alina li with the bunny outfit on? Thanks!!!

RichardScale RichardScale:

Rough FTW

acl1098 acl1098:

Thank you so much! This PMV means so much more than you think. I hope and wish you make more asian PMV like this one. This is my first ever comment on PornHub. I had to log in and thank you for this. Love you so much!

sddj4fun sddj4fun:

I never thought I could enjoy a PMV so much! It's both hot and hilarious! In the second part, I love how they're head-banging to the music! (pun intended)  Can you PM me the sources please? I could only recognize a couple of them. Excellent!!! A++!!!!

airjordan999 airjordan999:

Who the basecap girl at the beginnin

bongomongo bongomongo:

really cool!

jerking2PMV jerking2PMV:

Fucking awesome stuff man. I watched it twice in a row pumping cock the whole time

ElNovato1 ElNovato1:

3:16 - 3:22 NAME????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Datharddick Datharddick:

01:20 anyone got a name?

Chriswhitecock Chriswhitecock:

Fuck yes

Hornybram Hornybram:

Who’s the girl at 12 seconds with the rabbit ears

VictorEase224 VictorEase224:

the workout girl @00:20? thnkyou

kumlali kumlali:

1.42 name pls?

striderw striderw:

very hot video

alexxxanderr alexxxanderr:

00:10 00:44 ?

Master0taken Master0taken:

First girl is Saijou Sara. After centuries of research...

LongSchlong888 LongSchlong888:

Great track to go with a great clip. Great job

maronacs maronacs:

Who is the woman wearing eyeglasses and netting tights?

VincentVanGape VincentVanGape:

0:41 Name and preferably video anyone please?

EroticaWatchin EroticaWatchin:

Bunny girl

ElNovato1 ElNovato1:

3:17 WHOOOOO????????????

Mlamp Mlamp:

Does anyone know the very first girls name ? Help a man in his worst time

Steff_83 Steff_83:

anyone knows the name of the girl at 00:44?

docblizard docblizard:

Finally found the Airplane source. https://jav.guru/16614 Thank me after.

Captaincock118 Captaincock118:

This is y I want to do porn Asian are super good will do anything to get started

madridistaiam07 madridistaiam07:

what is the name of the girl with the bunny ears?

Nameisnotmatters Nameisnotmatters:

Who are the nurse and a blue haired girl?

spamdefense spamdefense:

anyone know who the girl in the thumbnail is?

nonamewilly69 nonamewilly69:

Part two was fantastic I would absolutely love if you would make one all about sluts wearing baseball caps like the one in part two

xHiZoR9 xHiZoR9:

what video is 0:26 from? Its tia tanaka but i cant find the video

xHiZoR9 xHiZoR9:

What video is 5:12 from?

Lovetits211 Lovetits211:

Song at part 2?

xHiZoR9 xHiZoR9:

what is the video at 00:26?

Orangehues Orangehues:

Thank you for this. It's lovely to look at! Could you tell me who is the girl at 01:48 and which scene is it from? Thank you!

angorausagi angorausagi:

What song?

unknown unknown:

Super hot! I like it

Maxyman13423 Maxyman13423:

Who is the first girl

Watchermaster Watchermaster:

Amazing work.. thanks for sharing!The comments are year old but just in case, who's the beauty at 3:03?

DerreckTom DerreckTom:

04:08 Name ?

MrCultist MrCultist:

what's the scene at 1:28????

hell_above hell_above:

2:54 name please

ben10musulman ben10musulman:

Name 00:30 and 4:47?

gk988g gk988g:

I love this! Can you please tell me the name of the video at 1:28?Thank you very much!

daniel2lee daniel2lee:

Who's the first girl of part 2?

MultiPanda MultiPanda:

Well done

allen19614 allen19614:


cman123456789 cman123456789:

who is at 18

Retr0Nan0 Retr0Nan0:

Blue haired girl at 3:27

Retr0Nan0 Retr0Nan0:

What's the video at 1:28

white_mamba white_mamba:

Whos the girl at 2:58

BrattyCEI BrattyCEI:

Big in Japan Kreygasm

Amauri14 Amauri14:

1:23 Who is that?

BartenderCometh45 BartenderCometh45:

who is the one at 2:14?

xHiZoR9 xHiZoR9:

what video is 0:27 from?

TheChodenOne TheChodenOne:

Who is the one at 00:23 in the bunny costume and where can i find the video? Also where can i find the video at 00:14 the one on the plane?

TheChodenOne TheChodenOne:

Who is the one at 00:23 in the bunny costume? or whats the video called?

YogaLord YogaLord:

Yo y'all, help a brother out. Who's the nurse jacking the dude?

Hello12369 Hello12369:

Whats the vid at 04:22?

TheOneWhoPinks TheOneWhoPinks:

Who is it at 0:14 and 0:18? Kirara Asuka? And if so, anyone know the source? Can't seem to find it

Addustmen_CZE Addustmen_CZE:

00:19 video??

biguppp2335 biguppp2335:

It should ALL be uncensored....

KseniaSolo KseniaSolo:

Who is the chick at 6:00???

valk990 valk990:

whats the first song

tcw613 tcw613:

doing the lord's work

zachhhh zachhhh:

The music is terrible!

GottaLoveDeeVuh GottaLoveDeeVuh:

Someone please tell me who the girl with the bunny outfit is! She first appears at 0:11. Man oh man she is amazing

tcw613 tcw613:

Who the hell dislikes this?? A billion thumbs up! Great job!

9Sherlock9 9Sherlock9:

who the girl at 4:00??? Wow!!!!

mrmcsir93 mrmcsir93:

The bunny is Alina Li and the full video is https://m.spankbang.com/1zjk/video/alina+li+naughty+easter+fuck+bunny+fucked+hard+hd

OppaiNinja OppaiNinja:

this was amazing until all the rough sex in part 2. I hate gagging and saliva. I don't know why anyone likes that.

pingpim pingpim:

whats the porn at 1:28?

HentaiHerro HentaiHerro:

That was amazing!

MiaKhalifaE MiaKhalifaE:

Some names please

watchingyou watchingyou:

this is me.... you 3 know who im talking about

Fapper69billion Fapper69billion:

Girl at 0:44

4590457 4590457:

Mikuni Maisaki, also in 0:16, 0:43, 0:48, 1:43, 2:30, 3:00

MolagBalls MolagBalls:

who is the Japanese nurse?

4590457 4590457:

Mikuni Maisaki, also in 0:16, 0:43, 0:48, 1:43, 2:30, 3:00

Moxieman7 Moxieman7:

Gorgeous video!

wowowild wowowild:

Any other videos or a name with the girl at 3:03If anyone knows let me know

muscle24lb muscle24lb:

Fantastic stuff bro

EyelessJack69 EyelessJack69:

At 2:38 Please somebody tell me what is her name or what video is in she?

pitters7 pitters7:

I had a good wank to this video and shot a load of cum

selection50 selection50:


neeg neeg:

Anyone know the girl at 2:41? I think im in love..

ViciousParis ViciousParis:

great video , you rock 

split1231 split1231:

song name from second part please

RichardScale RichardScale:

Watched this again, and saw myself on the opening! This is the Ying and Yang. Light cannot exist without dark. Having the two parts in 1 video is masterfully done.

urgentneed urgentneed:

Sailor Mercury looks ugly...

BuckyBs BuckyBs:

Whos the girl at 0:14 ?

FairlyOddFetish FairlyOddFetish:

Amazing work as always. I don't mind censored porn, but it's always better uncensored, and these scenes really show that.

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